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We are an Austin-based art collective pushing the
boundaries of creativity and collaboration.


FRIDAY, JULY 26th, 2024 | 6-9pm

Forrest Aderholt and Kelsey Baker 

INSIDE is a multimedia installation that includes painted works, hand-dyed textiles, video, and sound. Both artists are extending their exploration of non-traditional display in service of further engaging the space and viewer. 

With INSIDE the duo explore the relatability of experiencing the world through a physical body, the alienation of contemporary medical experiences, and the mind/body connection. In his own studio practice Aderholt investigates how formative moments become encoded in personal memory. His paintings, textile works, and videos interrogate how seemingly mundane moments indoctrinate us into violent systems that disregard the sanctity of life. Baker’s works enact a push and pull of seduction and repulsion that draws the viewer’s awareness to their physical body in space. Through collages of video, painting, and installation, she gives visible exterior form to ephemeral internal experiences. 

These artists closely collaborated through every step of the creation process to produce a fresh body of work to be displayed in Bolm Arts gallery.

Forrest: @anotherflailingartist

Kelsey: @kleppybizmo

Bevrages provided by Liquid Death

Open hours July 18th for Third Thursdays and open by appointment.



5305 Bolm Rd, Bay 9
Austin, TX 78721

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