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Original artwork by @sethrelentless


Toni Ardizzone

FEBRUARY 15th 2024 6-10pm 

with music by DJ AMIZEN,
beverages provided by Liquid Death

In this solo exhibition by Toni Ardizzone, tactile paintings and assemblages link the terrestrial world with the artist’s personal experiences of facing mortality and living with a chronic illness. Through uninhibited construction, layers of scavenged materials create unrefined surfaces for drawing, painting, and collage. Mirrors, cardboard, bones, flash cards, and antique textiles channel nostalgia and memory, while vigorous marks and loose paint handling reflect on the human body’s fragility and resilience. Within Reason probes the marvels of nature while teasing a phrase that is meant to set boundaries. Apprehending the discoveries of science and medicine while rejecting divine belief, these works navigate self-subscribed mysteries and miracles through a humanist lens.


Toni Ardizzone has presented solo exhibitions nationally and her murals exist across the globe. In 2019, Ms. Ardizzone was selected
for two artist residencies including Ayatana’s “Mortem” in Quebec, Canada and the Palimpsest Mural Project in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Her murals have been commissioned by Facebook, SXSW, Austin City Limits Festival, HOPE Campaign and the Art Councils of Thomasville, Georgia, Havana, Florida, Adams County, Colorado and Glens Falls, New York. Whether created in the studio or on a public wall, her paintings share a distinct voice that
is both inviting and vivaciously punk, filled with confrontational imagery, wild patterns, and unexpected color palettes. Ardizzone received her BFA from Indiana University in 2006 and MFA from Florida State University in 2020.
She currently resides in Austin, Texas.



February 17th & February 24th, 12-4pm

Closing reception: March 2nd 2024 6-10pm 


Additional gallery hours available

by appointment,contact


Come join us at Bolm Arts for our first art show of the new year! “An Interpretation of Dreams” will take place in our art gallery on Thursday, January 18th,

from 7-11 PM.


This exhibition will include art from our local Austin artists: 

@nicolejosephinestudio , @thomascook_art , @mountdraculaart , @kelvy___ , @mountdraculaart , @themythconductor , @xanderruddart , @stephaniemervineart , @michellerahbarart , @autumn_in_mae , @maryafrank , @milli_art , @johnmercadoart , @franmendizabalwalsh , @observ_er@_zaddy_taddy_ .

Special live music performance by 

@bradstiversofficial , @lindsaybeaverofficial , and @themythconductor .


November 11-12/18-19, 2023

Tour number #297 (5305 Bolm Road, Bay 9)

Technodrome’ and its 24-foot castle facade form a gateway to a dystopian cyberpunk world. Set on a background of a faux castle wall, ‘Technodrome’ is a merging of old and new, predicting a future that is both exciting and terrifying.


A common thread among all artists is a counter-culture attitude; most are anonymous in their public works. Like the artists involved, get inspired to think critically about the world.


Curated by artists Gd Wright, Steef Crombach and The Death Head, open during the Austin Studio Tour alongside our 21 artist studios.

Featured artists:

Eric Manche, FeeBee, GD Wright, JENKINS2D, Josh House, Omar Estrada (Skull), Peelander-yellow, Potaware, Seth Relentless, Spicy Gobou, Steef Crombach, The Cats Cult, The Death Head and The Ghost.

Sydney Dittmar
& Marta Shirt

OPENING: October 19th, 2023 6pm-10pm
Music Starts At 7pm

Join Bolm Arts for a show featuring work from local Austin artists Sydney Dettmar and Marta Shirt, who believe that life is shaped by both “Nature and Nurture.” Although working in different mediums, both artist’s work is rich with layers of texture, color, and meaning.


Marta Shirt creates artwork that celebrates

the beauty and peace that can be found in nature by incorporating dense layers of

treated moss and other locally sourced organic materials. Having been inspired by her own mental health struggles, she seeks to bring

the soothing aspects of nature into indoor spaces in a way that is accessible to anyone, regardless of where they are at in their own mental health journeys.


Also inspired by her own history, Sydney’s collage-based works explore themes of girlhood trauma, family dysfunction, and societal hypocrisy. Using collage materials sourced from her collection of vintage Seventeen and Playboy magazines from the 1950s, ‘60s, and ‘70s, these works express sentiments that still feel remarkably relevant to today’s world. Come explore and celebrate the complexities of life, love, and beauty at the opening of ‘Nature And Nurture’


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